Transforming Businesses with Artistic Innovation

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Welcome to Poptrek, where artistic innovation meets business transformation. As a B2B company, we redefine the possibilities of fashion and product design, offering you a transformative platform to incorporate creativity into everyday items.

Our primary focus is nurturing an environment that fosters the growth and integration of local art and content into a wide array of products. As a B2B company, we have embarked on a mission to establish a prominent platform where creators and artists hailing from Nigeria, and indeed Africa, can exhibit their exceptional talents and designs.

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Our Vision

At Poptrek, we understand that creativity knows no bounds. With a keen focus on businesses, we've cultivated an environment that harnesses local art and content, empowering companies across Nigeria and Africa to elevate their offerings

Why Poptrek?

Competitive Pricing

Elevate your profit margins with Poptrek’s unparalleled pricing on base materials. Our commitment to your success ensures you can achieve a healthy marginal profit on your merchandise products.

Intuitive Product Designer

Craft professional designs effortlessly with our user-friendly templates and intuitive drag-and-drop product design tool. Your creative journey has never been smoother.

No Minimum Order

Your satisfaction is paramount. Whether it’s one item or a hundred, each order is a priority, delivered promptly to meet your needs.

Inventory Assortment

Discover a diverse catalog of print-on-demand products, ranging from exquisite fine art prints and canvases to stylish homeware and apparel. The possibilities are boundless.

Eco-Friendly Ecommerce

Embrace eco-consciousness with Poptrek’s sustainable approach. We only manufacture products upon customer orders, minimizing waste and eliminating overproduction.

Guaranteed Quality

Experience unmatched precision with our cutting-edge printing technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Your designs come to life with vivid accuracy.

Local Production

Join us in contributing to local economies. Poptrek proudly employs local materials, nurturing growth within communities. What’s more, all products are printed locally.

Excellent Support

Your triumph is our mission. Our round-the-clock support team stands ready to assist you, ensuring your journey with Poptrek is seamless and successful.

Sell Globally

Seamlessly reach customers across the world. Poptrek’s global delivery network ensures your products reach every corner of the globe, connecting your brand internationally.